The application is written on Go, which makes it relatively portable. It is developed and tested for Linux, but it is supposed to work on other OSes too, thanks to the nature of GoLang.

Binary installation

For each release rpm and deb packages are provided. Head to releases tab of the project and download the package for your distribution.

Currently there are two options:

  • RPM for Fedora.
  • DEB for Ubuntu.

The packages are tested on the latest stable releases of the distributions. For Fedora this means the current stable release, for Ubuntu - latest standard and latest LTS releases.

Installation from source

tranqap is written in Go, so the Go distribution should be installed. Instructions for the installation can be found here.

After that:

go get
go install

At this point tranqap should be installer in $GOPATH/bin. This path should be added to system path.