Binary options

This section describes the usage of the tranqap binary. There are three type of parameters which can be passed to it - global flas, subcommand and subcommand flags. They all are optional:

tranqap [global flags] [subcommand [subcommand flags]]

Check the following subsections for details.

Global flags

These flags represent global configuration options for tranqap. The supported global flags are:

-c string

Path to configuration file. (default “config.yaml”)

-l string

Path to log file. tranqap will not generate log file, unless this option is supplied. The log file is useful mainly for debugging by tranqap developers.


Prints help message


Subcommands are limited set of feature which are not suitable for the tranqap shell. At the moment only one subcommand is supported.


Generates sample configuration file. Can work with -c flag.


$ tranqap -c config.yaml init

Creates sample config named config.yaml in current working directory.